Ridgeway Plastering – Your Trusted Partner for Sustainable Coatings

Welcome to Ridgeway Plastering, where we take pride in offering the finest solutions for both interior and exterior coatings. Our featured product, CorkSol SprayCork, stands as the ultimate choice for your coating needs. Embracing the power of nature, our CorkSol SprayCork is a breathable and thermally efficient natural product, making it the perfect remedy for issues with damp and Mold.

Our team of approved applicators is dedicated to delivering excellence, using a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, sourced from one of the world’s most incredible and sustainable resources. This remarkable solution, merely 6-8mm thick, allows you the freedom to over skim and paint, providing the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity in decorating your space.

Why Choose CorkSol interior Coatings?

Sustainability & Breathability

Our natural product offers the best of both worlds, being sustainable and breathable. It ensures a healthier living and home working space, preventing the formation of mold or damp.

Smooth Finish

Our CorkSol SprayCork can be plastered over with a thin layer, ensuring a seamless and smooth finish.

Hassle-Free Application

With a final coating that is only 6-8mm thick, there’s no need to worry about replacing fixtures and sockets during the application process.

Invisible Solution

Once applied, our coating becomes an invisible shield, warding off Mold and dampness effectively.

Benefits of CorkSol Coatings:


Invest in our SprayCork coating, backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can trust it to keep your walls dry and warm for decades.

Superior Thermal Performance

Thanks to the natural thermal properties of cork, our CorkSol SprayCork can reduce your heating bills by an impressive 15%. Our coatings are proven to be seven or eight times more insulating than traditional lime/sand renders.

Fire Resistance

Our coatings boast a Euro-class B safety rating, making them highly fire-resistant. Additionally, their water-resistant and breathable properties contribute to preventing mold and dampness, providing a healthier living and working environment.


 At Ridgeway Plastering, we care for the environment, and our CorkSol exterior coatings reflect that. Made from sustainable resources, they are energy-saving and environmentally responsible. The cork used in our products plays a significant role in CO2 absorption, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Good Sound Insulation

Enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve with our CorkSol coatings, which offer excellent acoustic insulation. They can absorb up to 38dB of noise, making them ideal for properties near busy roads.

Ready to Transform Your Space with CorkSol SprayCork?

Request a quote from Ridgeway Plastering your local CorkSol approved applicator and take the first step toward creating a sustainable, beautiful, and cozy living or working space. Let Ridgeway Plastering be your trusted partner for superior coatings that stand the test of time.